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The Jedi Training Academy stage is located just to the left of the Star Tours attraction, and just to the right of the Backlot Express restaurant.  It was used during Night of Joy 2009 for the contest winners from CMI Entertainment. 

Performance Schedule
Friday September 7, 2009
7:30pm ~ Cary Christian
7:40pm ~ Aimee Webber
8:00pm ~ Seven Any Day
8:10pm ~ Addyson Miller
8:30pm ~ Chad Hudson
8:40pm ~ Cheyenne Willoughby
9:00pm ~ Wade Williams
9:10pm ~ 20 the ReMix
9:30pm ~ TJ Brentz
9:40pm ~ Skyler Diamond
10:00pm ~ Stricken Nation
10:10pm ~ Todd Andrews
10:30pm ~ Marcus Naugler Band
10:40pm ~ Jasmin Cabrera
11:00pm ~ Jessica Emery
11:10pm ~ Elmer Diaz
11:30pm ~ Lucie J
11:40pm ~ Robert Hall
(alternative performers may have included Kate Campbell, Jordan Anderson, Nikki Goodrich, Chelsey Lynn, or Roslyn Miranda).

Saturday September 8, 2009
7:30pm ~ All For One
7:40pm ~ Derek Knost
8:00pm ~ 3MA
8:10pm ~ Creations Cry
8:30pm ~ Ben Oliver
8:40pm ~ Drew Hodge
9:00pm ~ AM/PM
9:10pm ~ Amy and Terrell
9:30pm ~ Jason Sweet
9:40pm ~ Gracie Cherry
10:00pm ~ Neveah
10:10pm ~ Vast Remedy
10:30pm ~ Kadesh
10:40pm ~ Concord
11:00pm ~ Peaveyhouse
11:10pm ~ Jordan Stewart
11:30pm ~ Lauren Nicole Nelson
11:40pm ~ Reformer's Cry
11:50pm ~ Angelynn Krys
(alternative performers may have included Madison Meltz, Jenna Christine, Mary Sarah Johnson, Holly Latham, or Marc Gregory)