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Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe (originally the Tomorrowland Terrace)  is one of the smallest stages at Night of Joy, but it does have several advantages over other stages.  The biggest advantage is that the stage is completely enclosed and therefore is not subject to things such as inclement weather.  It also is located in the same building as Tomorrowland's biggest fast food outlet.  This venue is also unique in that the stage rises from the floor to reveal the performers coming from underneath.  (During the year that Point of Grace appeared at this venue, they were introduced by the resident lounge singer, Sonny Eclipse, an ALF like alien).  Guests outside of this venue can also hear the performers and in some cases, see the performance on video monitors located outside Cosmic Ray's.  The only real disadvantage to this stage is that there is very limited viewing areas even when the tables and chair are removed to make for standing room only.

2007 Performance Schedule
Friday September 7
9:15pm Jessie Daniels
10:30pm Sanctus Real
11:45pm Sanctus Real

Saturday September 8
9:15pm Rachael Hurt
10:30pm Red
11:45pm Red

2006 Performance Schedule
Friday September 8
8:30pm Vicki Beeching
9:45pm Matthew West
10:30pm Matthew West
11:45pm Matthew West

Saturday September 9
8:30pm Crystal Stark (Gospel Music Association contest winner)
9:45pm The Afters
10:30pm The Afters
11:45pm The Afters