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This section of the site is where you can find out about all the general information about Disney's Night of Joy.  Below is a brief description of each category.

Night of Joy 2011
If you are looking for the most up to the minute information about this year's Night of Joy this is where you will find it.  There will be a list of the scheduled performers, ticket information, and other news as it becomes available.

Here is a semi-complete listing of all the performers that have appeared at each of the past Night of Joy's.  (The list only goes back to 1990, so if you have any information about performers before that time or any corrections to the ones already there please e-mail me at

Tips Sheet
Tips to help have the most enjoyable experience at Night of Joy or Rock the Universe.

Stage Descriptions
Each act at both Night of Joy and Rock the Universe has to have a venue to perform on.  This section of the site describes where each stage is located and the benefits and perils of each stage.

A listing of links to other sites that you might enjoy.