Night of Joy Tip Sheet

Night of Joy 2011
Tip Sheet


Night of Joy (as well as Rock the Universe) can be a very chaotic experience.  Several thousand teenagers and several hundreds of young adults and a few supervisors descend upon Disney's Hollywood Studios (and Universal Studios Florida).  There are a very few hours in which to experience one (or two) of the best Christian music festivals.  Below are some tips to help make the most of your experience.

General Tips

Acquire tickets prior to Night of Joy as the event tends to sell out quickly. To  purchase tickets online click here (tickets)

Book hotels nights at least 2 weeks in advance.  Try to book rooms that are as close as possible to the theme parks, a Disney on-site hotel if you can afford it. 

Arrive early to the gates of the park, about 1/2 hour prior to scheduled time.

Wear comfortable shoes

Wear clothes that you will not mind getting sweaty and possibly damaged.

You will be required to wear a wrist bracelet.  Wear jewelry accordingly.

Pick up a time sheet and find out where and when the bands that you would like to hear are going to be performing.  Times for Night of Joy 2011 can be found here

To get the best viewing points for the performances,  try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance start time.

Many stages have 2 or more groups performing.  To get good viewing of later performances you may have to watch earlier performances.

If going on an attraction,  remember to note the length of the wait time as well as the length of the attraction.  If you want to see a particular performance remember what their scheduled time is and plan ride times accordingly.

Attractions may break down at any point during the night.  Do not go on an attraction if you cannot wait the extra time a breakdown might create.

Remember that if you are coming for the attractions you will be better off going earlier in the day or going on a normal day.  Lines for attractions can become very long and can be inhabited by very uninhibited teenagers and young adults.

Do not push your way through crowds to get a closer view.

Some of the attendees like to dance and sing.

Moshing, slam dancing, crowd surfing and other such activity  is prohibited by Disney security but that does not mean that it does not take place.  Be prepared. 

No body surfing is allowed.

Remember that all performances are subject to change without notice.

Disobeying any of Disney's posted warnings or those of Disney's security will get you ejected and depending on the nature of the offense banned from the park and/or prosecuted in Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Florida can become very hot, even at night, wear cool clothing.

Florida is also subject to harsh weather such as thunderstorms which occur frequently.  

Tips for Groups

Discounts are available for groups of ten or more on the tickets and at many of the Orlando area hotels as well.

Groups are allowed in the park at 4pm, about 3 hours earlier than other ticket holders.

Large groups do not make decisions easily.  If possible try to break up into smaller parties.

If having a meeting point try to decide where and when before arriving at the park.  The more specific the meeting point the better.  Try to avoid places near the main stages.

There maybe a  break room for chaperones but since the event has moved to Disney's Hollywood Studios its exact location is unknown at this time. 

Tips specifically for Rock the Universe

The admittance time for Rock the Universe is 4pm, but the concerts do not usually start until about 6 or 7pm.

There are only 2 main stages and there is usually 3 or 4 groups that perform at each stage.  Due to the amount of crowds it is best to pick one stage and stay there then to try and go back and forth between the two.

Rock the Universe tends to attract an older crowd of young adults.  It may be hard for younger people to see the performances.

Alcohol is available inside the studios park.  

Several attractions close earlier than others.  Be sure to check the time sheet for exact details.

Use of any recording devices (Cameras, audio equipment, and especially video) is strictly prohibited by Universal Studios, during any of the perfromances.