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Attraction Type
Behind the Scenes Tour

Attraction Description
The Magic of Disney Animation takes a behind the scenes look at the making of Disney's Animated features.  Guests are first ushered into a theater where they are given a demonstration of the processes behind the creative development of animated characters.  The character of Mushu from Mulan used as a reference and part host of this part of the attraction.  At the end of this portion of the attraction guests are usually given a sneak peak of the latest animated film that will be coming to theaters.  After, guests are allowed into an area where they will see production art and reference materials for both the latest films and upcoming features.  Guests are then given the opportunity to either add color or sound effects to animation, meet characters, and learn how to draw classic Disney characters (and have a souvenir to take home)

Queue Description
The queue is in a covered area with a few animation posters from the international releases of Disney's animated features.

Night of Joy notes
Magic of Disney Animation may close earlier than other Disney's Hollywood Studios attractions.