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Attraction Type
Scenic Elevated Railway

Attraction Description
The Peoplemover takes guests from the center of Tomorrowland at Rockettower Plaza around, above, and through all of the other attractions in this land.  The blue cars are propelled by magnetic induction motors embedded in the track and travels at about 8 miles per hour.  Highlights of this attraction include views of the model for the original Epcot concept to a darkened entrance into the heart of Space Mountain.  Views of some of the stages used during Night of Joy including the Castle Stage, The Space Stage, and The Galaxy Stage are very briefly obtained over the course of the ride.

Night of Joy Comments
The Peoplemover, due to its relatively slow speed tends to make guests at Night of Joy act in a stupid manner, with behaviors that include standing up and jumping from car to car.  Due to former guests acting in this dangerous manners this attraction is often not in operation during special events.   It may open during Night of Joy 2011.



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Attraction Type
Interactive Dark Ride

Attraction Description
Guests are recruited by Buzz Lightyear to become Space Rangers to help defeat the evil Emperor Zurg.  The ride vehicles are equipped with two laser blasters and a joystick to spin the vehicle.  Guests can use the blasters to shoot at targets that are marked with a Z for Zurg.  The vehicles can be spun to help in the aiming for these targets.  Each of the two blasters has a score readout that lets guests know how well they are doing form Space Cadet to Space Ranger levels. 

Night of Joy Comments
This attraction is fairly popular and can develop long lines very quickly.