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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
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Ride Type
Dark Ride/ Freefall

Ride Description
Guest board maintenance service elevators for a trip that leads from the 5th dimension to the Twilight Zone.  The elevators climb up to 13 stories and then drop faster than gravity and make various falls and climbs.  The sequence of ups and downs changes with every ride, so there is no guarantee that any 2 rides will every be the same.

Queue Description
This is one of Disney's finest queue experiences.  It can start from the first view on the Hollywood Tower Hotel on Sunset Blvd. and continue up to boarding the ride.   The main part of the queue is in the hotel lobby which is perpetually stuck in the 1930s, and continues to the pre-show in the hotel library.  There are many subtle nods to episodes of the original Rod Sterling Twilight Zone in the lobby.