Toy Story Mania
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Hollywood Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard
Echo Lake
Streets of America
Animation Courtyard
Pixar Place

Attraction Type
Interactive Shooting Gallery Ride

Attraction Description
Guests are shrunk down to the size of toys to play a game hosted by toys from the movie Toy Story.  Two guests are loaded into each side of the ride vehicle and every guest is given a cannon to shoot at targets during the game.  There are several different shooting games during the ride, each hosted by a different Toy Story character with appropriate setting and targets.  Woody and Jesse have western themed targets, Little Bo Peep has you round up her sheep, and the Little Three Eyed Aliens have you tossing rings around space ships.

Queue Description
Guests walk through an area created with board game pieces, dominoes, playing cards, crayons, and Lincoln Logs.  During the wait time, Mr. Potato Head appears as a larger than life animatronic figure.  Mr. Potato Head can interact with the guests in line and can even take off his own ear.  He is one of the most impressive parts of this entire attraction.