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 Horror Make Up Marquee

Attraction Type
Make Up Effects Stage Show

Attraction Description
Guests are given demonstrations of how make-up is applied and used in Universal's horror films.  Effects demonstrated during the show include fake blood, CGI make-up effects, and puppeteering.  While the show is mostly comical in nature it can upset some guests.  You may get wet during this show.

Queue Description
This pre-show takes place in an old theater lobby.  There are displays of older make-up effects from movies such as the Phantom of the Opera, This Island Earth, Jaws, and the much more recent Hellboy II.  There is also a display about Universal's other hard ticket event, Halloween Horror Nights.

Rock the Universe Comments
This attraction closes at around 6pm and is then used as the youth leader lounge, and a special viewing location for youth leaders of the Hollywood Stage

 Horror MakeUp Stage