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Attraction Type
Stage Presentation/ Simulator Ride

Attraction Description
This attraction takes guests through the making of the motion picture Muther Nature.  First several volunteers are selected from the audience to participate in a later portion of the attraction.  Guests are ushered into a standing room only area where they are introduced to the director of the film, Mr. Kincade.  From there guests are seated to view a presentation of how blue screen, matte paintings, and stunt doubles are used to make shots look real.  This is where the volunteers are put to work.

After the demonstration, guests are taken to board a subway tram.  The tram departs the station and the simulator part of the attraction begins.  Guests get to experience first hand what it is like to be in a real 8.0 on the Richter earthquake.  They experience the shaking as well as the street above them collapsing, a truck falling, and a flash flood.

At the end of the tour a video is shown that uses the footage shot earlier and well on the subway to make a trailer for the movie.