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Attraction Type
Special Effects Show/ Tram Tour

Attraction Description
The Backlot Tour takes guests behind of scenes of Disney's Hollywood Studios.  The Tram Tour portion of the attraction goes by some of the backstage area used during film and television production.  The tram passes through both the Wardrobe department and the Scenic Shop, and by the Boneyard where some large props from previous productions are stored.  The finale of the attraction is Catastrophe Canyon, where guests witness the special effects used to create explosions, earthquakes and a flash flood (which may get some guests wet).

Queue Description
The queue starts with a small display of artifacts used during the filming of some Jerry Bruckheimer productions such as Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor.  Guests are then taken in front of a water effects tank.  A naval battle is recreated with the help of audience volunteers.

Night of Joy notes
The area where the trams turn about is used as a queue for the Lights, Motors, Action stage during the Night of Joy event.  Due to this fact, the Backlot Tour will most likely close early, possibly before most Night of Joy guests arrive for the evening.