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Attraction Type
3-D Stage Show

Attraction Description
T2:3D is a kind of sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  Guests are ushered into a demonstration by Cyberdyne Systems of there latest technologies.  Of coarse things starts to go horribly wrong, and Sara and John Connor come to try and stop Cyberdyne.  Then the T-1000 shows up and so does the Terminator.  A time portal opens and we follow the T-1000 into the future.  In the future, the Terminator and John Connor take on Skynet, the controlling entity of the robotic future.  It is guarded by a powerful foe, the T-1,000,000. 

This attraction set a benchmark in all theme parks for what could be done in a combination of live action stunts and stunning 3-D visual effects.

Rock the Universe Closing Time
The attraction closes at 11:00pm